Classic Barbering Workshop


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Our three-day workshop is fun and in-depth and designed for the intermediate who wants to take their barbering skill set to the next level.


Barber & Co has created classic techniques which form the basis for any service we offer. This course demonstrates our classics collection in cutting, clippers and shaving skills that are fundamental to Barber & Co’s success in the barbershop every day.

Classic Barber is the perfect course for trained barbers/hairstylist wanting to learn classic barbering skills or brush up on their foundation work. It includes demonstrations, theory, product knowledge, and hands-on training.


Barber & Co Academy + Lab
106 - 1120 Hamilton Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 2S2


This three-day workshop begins at 10am and ends at 5pm with a short break for an included lunch. The morning portion focuses on theory and live demonstration while the afternoon is geared towards practical on live models. Students must provide live model.


Clippers, Trimmers, Combs, Scissors, Hairdryer, Brushes, Straight Razor. Tools are available on-site for purchase.

  • Classic Barbering Workshop
  • Classic Barbering Workshop
  • Classic Barbering Workshop